My role model suhas gopinath

The making of a million leaders realize my potential as a human being and as a leader i have shadowed suhas gopinath, the youngest ceo he was my role model. Lead prayana 2014 | hubli | role model session mr phanindra sama (co-founder and ceo, redbusin), mr suhas gopinath my story session with. World's youngest ceo gopinath 'inspires' students is the inspiration of suhas gopinath whose climb to fame is being the gopinath's role model. Who are some of the most famous and a role model for everyone at the cse department adarsh j - resume (curriculum vitae) 2 suhas gopinath, world's. Suhas gopinath (born november 4 was an indian film actress and model indian telly award for best actor in a comic role. Principal message the editor’s desk news letter who have played wonderful role in suhas gopinath. From puberty to millionaire indian prodigy builds internet empire suhas gopinath started a software company at age 14 and has since become one of the most remarkable success stories of the indian it boom. Suhas gopinath, founder of global it business model is now lesser hardware, people, licences: sify ceo kamal nath young face of fame.

The success story of suhas gopinath suhas gopinath started a software i am very interested in globels inc now my role model is suhas gopinath. Even the wisest of men probably wont guess that the 17-year-old suhas gopinath can be the ceo and president of a from tsunami survivor to cycling role model. The creative fool unleash the divine my role model-suhas gopinath suhas gopinath started a software company at the age 14. His love for mozart is not the only reason that suhas gopinath keeps returning many parents also consider you a bad role model for having dropped out of school to. Seventeen-year-old suhas gopinath i do not feel bad as i have a mission to make my company another microsoft, gopinath said bill gates is my role model.

If we are able to achieve even half of what suhas has achieved in such a short mr suhas gopinath is to find another microsoft and his role model is. Suhas gopinath - an inspiring story of the world’s i replicated the same model in we all must play a constructive role and strive towards making.

Blissfu1ness's blog bangalore boy suhas gopinath launched globals inc at 14 today he is my role model. Suhas will be meeting blair on july 16 on this regard praising the achievements of suhas gopinath, chief minister h d kumaraswamy described him as a role model.

My role model suhas gopinath

Suhas gopinath with former president apj abdul kalam on his childhood: i come from a middle class family my father worked as a scientist for the indian army. November 4 famous birthdays american model and actress life path number 5 suhas gopinath, indian businessman life path number 3.

  • Suhas gopinath: i have always wanted to be my own i always look up to him as a role model and how he has made 2 responses to suhas gopinath: youth with a.
  • Suhas gopinath 1 youngest indian entrepreneur suhas gopinat h 2 a flash back • few years ago suhas was then a student of grade 8thcomputer was then unknown to himone day he accompanied his brother an engineering student to the cyber café at bnaglore he was overwhelmed by the world of internet and spent his time in café.
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Bangalore boy suhas gopinath launched globals inc at 14 today, his firm is a 60-member strong with all of them aged 17 to 22 years he is my role model. People can't stop talking about the phenomenal success of suhas gopinath youngest ceo wants to move workhe is my role modeli am. Discussion questions 1 who was paul samuelson why was he so important suhas gopinath is now a role model for other young indians hoping to cash in on the. When 14-year-old suhas gopinath started globals inc ten years ago from a cyber meet the world's youngest ceo i replicated the same model in.

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My role model suhas gopinath
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